About Miss Nicole Sahin

Nicole is an experienced young woman who is passionate about teaching young children. She received her Associate’s Degree from Pierce College in Child Development in 2010. Over the course of eight years, Nicole has refined her skills as a caregiver and teacher, by offering babysitting and nanny services.

During that time, Nicole became a Teacher’s Aid at Woodcrest Preschool, transitioning into a teacher in the following year. She became Head Teacher at ABC Preschool shortly after and worked for two years before understanding that she wanted to do things a little differently.

With extreme diligence, persistence, and unwavering determination, Miss Sahin was able to open her own licensed Day Care in North Hills CA. She plans to incorporate her love of children and passion for early child development in the brain child that is Nikki’s Childcare.

She envisioned a place that could offer expert child development, quality care, structured daily activities, and all at the competitive affordability of a daily child care. Nicole Sahin believes wholly that trust between a caregiver and parents is vital to the success of the care, and this is fundamental in her vision for Nikki’s Childcare.