About Us

Seeking for reliable childcare for children is one of the best things every parent can do for their kids. With increasing number of parents resorting to child care services to ensure their children’s safety as well as continuous development, the need for such service becomes urgent and high. Nikki’s Child Care is a trusted child care company that recognizes these needs. We are here to fill the gap and help parents provide the best and safest avenue where their children can learn and play at the same time.

Our Mission

We adhere to our mission and that is to nurture your child’s learning and development and ensure their welfare. We also aim to improve some challenges that many working parents should balance.

We are a reliable and professional company providing educational and nurturing environment for your child.
We ensure that we give the most ideal place where work and fun come together.
We allow your child to discover, play, and grow.
We provide art programs and other worthy activities that promote better learning such as music, circle time, art time, and academics, outdoor activities free play and play with kids’ toys.
We allocate time for some education movie for the children to watch and learn.
We believe that quality and effective child care helps every child become a lifelong learner and supports families’ social needs as well.

We Help Busy Working Parents

Our company, together with our exclusive child care services, was created to help busy working parents by taking care and educating their child. For many parents, setting idea balance between raising children and successful career can be challenging that is why, they usually feel the need for nurturing, flexible and reliable child care.

Over the years, our educators have delivered the best care for every child. We currently have the best facilities and educational resources to ensure that all the needs of your child are completely met despite your absence. We are more than willing to accommodate your child anytime. We ensure you that they will be provided with a safe and nurturing environment. Our passion, energy, reliability and our innovative activities and programs makes us the perfect place for children to learn and grow.

We are Always Right There for your Child

Here at Nikki’s Child Care, we are always right there for your child providing flexible and engaging curriculum and activities especially designed to teach and inspire your child at every stage and age. Built around effective and extensive research and appropriate instruction, our properly planned activities and curriculum tend to introduce as well as reinforce concepts of learning, environment, art, social awareness and health.

We will be happy if you consider our company in meeting your child care needs and we look forward to sharing a great experience with your family and working with you on your children’s educational journey.