Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that parents frequently ask. If your question is not below, feel free to send us a message using our contact form here.

What’s your visitation policy?

You’re welcome to come any time to check on your child as needed.   Except during circle time as its very disruptive for the children.

What is the curriculum?

Play is the basis of my curriculum, as it allows children to learn. It’s important for me to let the child express themselves through play which lets them grow, learn, and explore at their own pace.  Through play, they learn how to share and respect each others boundaries. I like to think that children are given the chance to grow while learning their environment, their peers, and adapt to changes around them.

Do you offer meals?

Here at Nikki’s child care we offer three home cooked meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch and afternoon snack.

What if my child is picky with certain food ?

If your child is comfortable with certain foods at home, please send it with the child as needed. After your child is a bit more comfortable in our environment, I will start to introduce our food and see how our progress goes.

What happens if your child is sick?

If your child feels under the weather there is a designated spot for the child to relax until child is  picked up. I will be notifying the parent with a phone call. if your child has over 100 degree fever I will be asking the parent to pick up or anyone on the emergency list, due to safety to the other children’s health.

What if my child doesn’t nap?

It’s OK for your child to not sleep during nap time, if they’re lying on their matt I will provide a book or if you prefer to bring a stuffed animal from home to make nap time easier. If your child still doesn’t want to lay down I will set up a quiet activity.