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Academics and Art

At Nikki's Child Care, we believe in a balance of play based activities with academics. Students learn best through play and exploration, and music is an invaluable tool for learning in school.

I have compiled a list of products on Amazon that make excellent play-based work for toddlers and pre-school age kids! You may see some of these at Nikki's Child Care along with our own compilation of worksheets and fun activities.

Unleash your inner imagination to help your child learn and grow! Instead of the traditional pencil and paper, why not try finger painting, or brush painting in coloring/tracing books?! This added stimulation helps to differentiate a fun activity from boring homework.

Set some time aside to work with your little one at home on their alphabet, counting, shape recognition, color recognition, and vocabulary, and enjoy how quickly they learn new things with some of these fun products.

Music makes everything better! If you play an instrument, try making up songs to help teach your little one a spelling for a word, how to remember Dad's favorite color, how many wheels are on the family car, and so much more!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! The aim is to be short and informative, so I hope it was for you! As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small royalty from qualifying purchases made after clicking the link in this blog.

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